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Six highlights from BBNaija Shine Ye Eye 6th Saturday party

Posted On Sunday, 05 September 2021 22:12 Written by The Nation
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BY Gbenga Bada / THE NATION

For the sixth Saturday night party, interesting activities went down in the club as well as after the party.

Many viewers rated it as unique as the 17 remaining Housemates, which include the double Heads of House, threw caution to the winds rocking to a double DJ’s expertise behind the wheels of steel.

Here are the six highlights from the party that you might have missed:

1. The Nigerian cultural display

The housemates were thrilled to a culture-themed event. The theme was a massive hit with all the 17 housemates looking regal and astonishing!

However, the Orijin-sponsored party, had many of the outfits inhibiting housemates dance moves. Majority of the female housemates and some of the male housemates were not comfortable on the dance floor in their regalias.

2. Like Double HOH, it’s a Double DJ

Like the twist in the Head Of House game which produced a double Heads Of House for the first time in BBNaija history, two Disc Jockeys performed at the Saturday night party. Away from the traditional beads, wrappers, flowing dresses, the housemates seemed to have been inhibited from showing off some of the dance moves as expected. However, it appeared they had a blast with DJs Dayzee and Shawn on the wheel of steel. As expected, viewers and housemates were not disappointed. From DJ Dayvee’s mid-tempo tracklist to DJ Shawn’s classic hits, the housemates stayed glued to the dance floor till the night was over.

3. A new couple on the dance floor

Before now, it used to be Pere and Maria and then Saga and Nini but for the sixth Saturday night party, Boma and Tega took the centre stage as the new couple on the dance floor. Despite being referred to as the okro geng leader, Boma couldn’t help himself rocking Tega on the dance floor all through the party. As expected, Nini and Saga remained a partying couple. For the better part of the night, the couple also maintained their usual style of keeping their circle tight on the dance floor.

4. Liquorose, Saga, Cross defied clothing inhibition

The cultural clothing inhibition wasn’t enough to stop Liquorose, Saga, and Cross on the dance floor. The outfits were certainly not enough to disrupt the dance queen’s moves as well as the party beast and the resident gym instructor. In the flowing dress, Liquorose lit up the dance floor with her energetic moves and Saga couldn’t help giving the Yoruba demon vibes with his dance moves. Cross won’t be left out as his energy on the dance floor remained a mystery to viewers and fans alike.

5. Whitemoney goes on dance prowl

Call it the eviction blues or just an unusual consumption of Orijin bitters, a lot of the housemates decided to let down their guards. One of the wildly noticed changes was spotted in Whitemoney, who seemed to be on a dancing prowl. The singer and entertainer decided to ignore the kitchen and put some major dents on the dance floor for what might be his last Saturday night party. Whitemoney became electric in his dance moves and many of the housemates marvelled as he owned the stage in his own eclectic dance moves.

6. Cross remained the party beast

Hate it or love it, Cross has crested his name in gold in the history of BBNaija for being the party beast. The richest housemate in the sixth week with over N4million in task winnings didn’t bother about the eviction on Sunday night when he was on the dance floor. At some point, Cross was hopping on Whitemoney’s back and this stunned housemates who wondered where he gets his energy from. Another time, he was jumping all over the place with Emmanuel and Jaypaul as DJ Shawn raised the tempo of the night.

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