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By Nehru Odeh/ PM NEWS

She was born Maria Chike Agueze. But the 29-year-old former air hostess, turned realtor from Imo State is simply known as Maria in the Big Brother Naija House.

However If the way the housemates voted on Sunday 1 August 2021, as they tried to figure out the two wildcards in the house, is anything to go by, Maria is a housemate to watch. She will definitely go far in the house.

Reason: Though Maria and Pere were named by Biggie as the two wildcards in the house, none of the housemates voted Maria at all.

The questions then are, how did she go unnoticed? Why couldn’t any of the housemates detect her? The answers are not far-fetched. Not that they couldn’t detect her, most of them were already attached to her.

Here are the reasons:

1. Her beauty aside, Maria has very good interaction and human relationships skills, given her background as a former air hostess who is widely travelled. So she was able in one week to worm herself into the affections of the rest of the housemates. Most of the housemates knew she was a wildcard but they couldn’t afford to let her go, given her likeable personality.

For instance, WhiteMoney, who was the first to vote on Sunday, didn’t pick Maria, even though he had already known Maria was a wildcard. He confessed that on Sunday night after the vote. Rather he voted Pere and Liquorose.

2. Maria was also able to get the trust and confidence of not just the other housemates but also the backing of some females in the house, which included Peace, Nini and Arin. The trio did all they could to make sure she remained in the house.

3. Maria was able to play her game very well. Even though she knew she was a wildcard, she joined her colleagues in looking for housemates who could be wildcards. This is indeed the case of the hunted becoming a hunter in order to survive.

4. Staying long in the house is a matter of survival. And the housemates are expected to make good use of their negotiating skills to survive. Maria just did that.

5. Being smart and intelligent, Maria made use of those two traits to gain the confidence of the other housemates.

6. Maria also had good conversational skills, which she made good use of.

7. Her beauty is also one of Marie’s strengths. She is not just beautiful, she has the shape of a model.

Still, there is a caveat. Now, many are saying that since the other 20 housemates have finally known that Maria and Pere are the two wildcards, they will call for their heads and make sure they are evicted.

Will Maria be evicted so soon? I don’t think so. She has all what it takes to survive in the house and a very good fan base

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By Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION

Yerins has opened up his emotions to Angel after the announcement of housemates on the nomination list for possible eviction.

In a discussion between the two housemates in the garden, Yerins said he wasn’t really surprised about the nomination.

He blamed it on not being cool enough for the housemates as he had to deal with esteem issues.

Angel dispelled Yerins fears and explained that it is just a game. She went further to say Yerins didn’t need to feel like he wasn’t sufficient or cool enough.

However, Yerins might be wrong in his assumptions because many viewers are of the opinion that Maria had nominated Yerins because he stared at her nudity through a mirror.

Maria had expressed her displeasure to Pere, Arin, Peace, and Saga after the first Saturday night party.

Meanwhile, Yousef, who was put up for eviction by the Head Of House after he replaced JayPaul, kept a cool yet sober demeanour.

On his part, Niyi just went about his usual self and continued to relate with housemates all through the night.

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BBNaija housemate, Maria, has disclosed what she would do if she becomes the Head of House (HoH).

Maria threatened to place a curfew on food eaten by fellow housemates if she becomes HoH.

She issued the threat while discussing with other housemates last night.

The Dubai-based realtor threatened to put all the food in her room.

Maria vowed to determine the ration housemates would eat during lunch and supper.

She said if housemates want to eat more than the ration allocated, they would resolve to munchit snacks.

Maria said: “When I’m HOH I will put a curfew, I’ll keep all the food in my room and I’ll cook lunch and supper for you and determine what amount of food you should eat. If you want more food, you eat munchit.”

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BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Pere and Beatrice were locked in a passionate kiss on Monday night, August 2.

The housemates were dared to engage in the kissing game after Tega took over the truth or dare game.

Pere, who had enjoyed a truth or dare game with Angel touching his crotch for some seconds, went all out to enjoy the steamy session with Beatrice.

During the game, Pere was dared to kiss Beatrice for eighteen seconds but the kissing continued after the allotted time until the other housemates asked them to stop.

Tega couldn’t hide her surprise as Beatrice and Pere seem to be enjoying the whole moment.

The steamy session is coming after the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, accused the housemates of being boring.

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By Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate and second Head of House, Boma has revealed he chose Jackie B over Angel as his deputy to avoid hurting Sammie’s feelings.

Boma, the current HOH, didn’t flinch when Biggie asked him to announce his deputy as he called Jackie B.

Boma and Jackie B have been given access to the HOH luxurious lounge.

During a chat between the HOH and his Deputy, Boma told Jackie B he did not want to hurt Sammie’s feelings.

“I would have picked Angel but she has a husband (Sammie) do you know how he would feel?”

He went further to say he’s convenient with Jackie B because they are good friends.

“I chose you because you’re my good friend,” Boma said.

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By Kehinde Olusanya/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Pere has said that he cannot be in a platonic relationship with Maria.

Pere said this during a private conversation with Sammie in the garden on Tuesday after the morning workout.

Sammie, who listened with rapt attention, advised Pere to give Maria time and try approaching her again.

In a conversation with Liquorose on day 10, after the Truth and Dare game, Pere noted that Maria has been giving him attitude since he confessed his affection for her.

Liquorose told him that Maria blushes whenever she mentions his name.

She advised him to talk to her about it but his effort was futile as she still gave him same attitude.

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By Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION

BBNaija’s ex-housemate Prince has received N10 million as a birthday gift from fans.

The reality TV star, who turned 26 on Monday, August 2, 2021, was presented with the cash gift at his birthday party in Lagos.

Prince’s fans known as ‘Royal Army’ presented the gift as he celebrated with several celebrities that include Denrele Edun, Mercy Eke, Alex.

The Guinness ambassador joins the list of celebrities, who have gotten expensive gifts from fans on their birthdays.

From Bam Bam to Tacha, Nengi, Laycon, Dorathy the list of reality TV stars whose fans have gone out of their way to spoil them with expensive gifts appears to be growing.

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By Kehinde Olusanya/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine ya Eye housemate Boma has won the second week’s Head of House game.

Boma becomes the second Head of House.

With all the housemates trying their luck to win the die game of chance, Boma emerged victorious.

Without any obstacle in his way, his plaque reached number 26 before the sound of the buzzer, making him the winner.

Boma, who was the first housemate to step into the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye house, became the first male Head of House for this season.

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By Kehinde Olusanya/ THE NATION

For the second week, Biggie kicked off with reward and punishment for the housemates.

Biggie rewarded each housemate with a total of 700 Abeg Naira for making it to a new week in the house.

Also, he punished them for flouting the house rules and ignoring Angel, a fellow housemate who was told by big brother himself to tell other others to prepare for the live show which was yesterday.

In a message from big brother which was read out to the house by the first HOH, Peace, Biggie said the housemates will no longer be reminded to prepare for the live show.

And as punishment for flouting the house rules, they will work as dress up as big brother’s ninjas and help separate the grain of rice which has accidentally mixed with the grain of beans. All they need will be provided for them in the store room.

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By Kehinde Olusanya/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine ya Eye took a new dimension on Monday night after the two wildcards, Maria and Pere put up five housemates up for nomination ahead of the second live eviction show.

The housemates up for eviction are Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi, Whitemoney and Yousef.

Maria, who got a nomination hedge of putting four housemates up for the Sunday night eviction show, nominated Beatrice, JayPaul, Whitemoney and Yerins for possible eviction on Sunday.

The second wildcard, Pere nominated Beatrice, Niyi, Yerins, and Whitemoney up for possible eviction on Sunday.

As the Head Of House, Biggie gave Boma the privilege to use his veto power to save one of the housemates up for eviction and replace with another. Using his power, Boma replaced JayPaul with Yousef.

Boma also chose Jackie B as his deputy.

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