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With gratitude to God for a life well spent, the Anyanwu Royal Family announces the passing unto glory of their dearly beloved wife, mother, grandmother and Aunty, Madam Sussana Chienyenwa Anyanwu (Nee Akor), aged 75 years (1946 - 2021).

Here, above, are the burial arrangements as released to the press by the Anyanwu Royal Family in a statement signed by Casmir I. Anyanwu, ESQ for the family.

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By Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION

AYRA Starr, the 19-year-old songstress on Don Jazzy’s Mavins record has gotten the attention of one of the leading global streaming platforms, Spotify.

The streaming platform has announced its decision to celebrate Ayra Starr through the Spotify Equal music programme as the Equal Africa Artist of the Month.

This announcement comes off the back of Ayra’s popularity and fame since the release of her smash hit, Bloody Samaritan, from her debut studio album ‘’19 and Dangerous.”

“Our aim with the Equal programme is to create a space on the platform that allows us to solely amplify the work of female creators,” says Spotify’s Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu. “Ayra represents the rise of new-age female artists whose creativity and determination breaks barriers between genres. She possesses the boldness and swagger that we’re used to seeing from pop artists but has an edge that feels symbolic of the listening habits of Gen-Zers. We aim to amplify more confident female voices like hers through Equal.”

Ayra welcomed the acknowledgment saying, ‘’It feels good to be a part of the generation that is changing the narrative and being appreciated for our contribution to society, irrespective of the sector and age. I’m grateful to Spotify Equal for this feature that shines a light on women in a male-dominated industry. It makes me feel seen, and I’m sure it’s done so for everyone who has been featured before me.”

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By Samuel Oamen/ THE NATION

Finally, the Big Brother Shine Ya Eye edition, which took off on Saturday July 24, ended today.

Hazel Oyeye Onou popularly known as Whitemoney, a 29-year-old entrepreneur emerged winner of the reality show.

He edged out other 24 Housemates to win the N90million grand prize.

Here are Eight things you probably didn’t know about Whitemoney:

1. His real name is Hazel Oyeye Onou

2. He was born in Enugu on July 6, 1992.

3. White Money is one of three children – all boys.

4. According to White Money, he stopped his education at NECO level but he intends to marry a very educated woman and make sure that his kids get enough education.

5. He is an entrepreneur who has been involved in different types of hustles like photography, generator repair, fixing of telecommunications masts, barbing, Okada riding, etc

6. While in the BBNaija House, White Money disclosed he recently began the business of importing designer shoes into Nigeria. He confirmed that this is his biggest achievement so far as it has brought a turnaround in his career.

7. He revealed he has the intention to launch his personal shoe business and take it to the next level.

8. In one of his discussions with his fellow BBNaija Housemates, White Money stated that he is an upcoming artiste and has a few songs and music productions to his name.

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BY Gbenga Bada / THE NATION

For the sixth Saturday night party, interesting activities went down in the club as well as after the party.

Many viewers rated it as unique as the 17 remaining Housemates, which include the double Heads of House, threw caution to the winds rocking to a double DJ’s expertise behind the wheels of steel.

Here are the six highlights from the party that you might have missed:

1. The Nigerian cultural display

The housemates were thrilled to a culture-themed event. The theme was a massive hit with all the 17 housemates looking regal and astonishing!

However, the Orijin-sponsored party, had many of the outfits inhibiting housemates dance moves. Majority of the female housemates and some of the male housemates were not comfortable on the dance floor in their regalias.

2. Like Double HOH, it’s a Double DJ

Like the twist in the Head Of House game which produced a double Heads Of House for the first time in BBNaija history, two Disc Jockeys performed at the Saturday night party. Away from the traditional beads, wrappers, flowing dresses, the housemates seemed to have been inhibited from showing off some of the dance moves as expected. However, it appeared they had a blast with DJs Dayzee and Shawn on the wheel of steel. As expected, viewers and housemates were not disappointed. From DJ Dayvee’s mid-tempo tracklist to DJ Shawn’s classic hits, the housemates stayed glued to the dance floor till the night was over.

3. A new couple on the dance floor

Before now, it used to be Pere and Maria and then Saga and Nini but for the sixth Saturday night party, Boma and Tega took the centre stage as the new couple on the dance floor. Despite being referred to as the okro geng leader, Boma couldn’t help himself rocking Tega on the dance floor all through the party. As expected, Nini and Saga remained a partying couple. For the better part of the night, the couple also maintained their usual style of keeping their circle tight on the dance floor.

4. Liquorose, Saga, Cross defied clothing inhibition

The cultural clothing inhibition wasn’t enough to stop Liquorose, Saga, and Cross on the dance floor. The outfits were certainly not enough to disrupt the dance queen’s moves as well as the party beast and the resident gym instructor. In the flowing dress, Liquorose lit up the dance floor with her energetic moves and Saga couldn’t help giving the Yoruba demon vibes with his dance moves. Cross won’t be left out as his energy on the dance floor remained a mystery to viewers and fans alike.

5. Whitemoney goes on dance prowl

Call it the eviction blues or just an unusual consumption of Orijin bitters, a lot of the housemates decided to let down their guards. One of the wildly noticed changes was spotted in Whitemoney, who seemed to be on a dancing prowl. The singer and entertainer decided to ignore the kitchen and put some major dents on the dance floor for what might be his last Saturday night party. Whitemoney became electric in his dance moves and many of the housemates marvelled as he owned the stage in his own eclectic dance moves.

6. Cross remained the party beast

Hate it or love it, Cross has crested his name in gold in the history of BBNaija for being the party beast. The richest housemate in the sixth week with over N4million in task winnings didn’t bother about the eviction on Sunday night when he was on the dance floor. At some point, Cross was hopping on Whitemoney’s back and this stunned housemates who wondered where he gets his energy from. Another time, he was jumping all over the place with Emmanuel and Jaypaul as DJ Shawn raised the tempo of the night.

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BY Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye ex-Head Of House, Boma’s fling with Angel is gone with the dust and the two now loathe one another.

On Thursday evening, Boma and Angel got into a heated argument after he called her a ‘kiss and tell’.

Angel said she never told anyone what happened between both of them at the executive lounge and warned him to stay away from her in the house.

This escalated quickly as they insulted each other with Boma referring to her as someone who is mentally ill, adding that her biggest achievement is BBNaija.
It is unsure what and if Big Brother would punish the two housemates.

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BY Adeniyi Adewoyin /THE NATION
BBNaija Shine Ya Eye evicted housemate, Maria has said she expects her best friend Liquorose to win the N90 million grand prize.

Maria made this known after her exit from the house saying although she knows Liquorose and WhiteMoney have a large fan base she is rooting for Liquorose because she’s her bestie.

“I understand that both Whitemoney and Liquorose have a big fan base. However, I’m rooting for Liquorose to win because she’s my best friend and we will share the money but I’m also rooting for Whitemoney to win as well,” she said.

However, the former air hostess said the voting pattern can be tricky but hopes Liquorose wins.

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BY Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION
Boma has said he doesn’t want to be famous and broke.

The former Head Of House made the revelation during a general conversation with other housemates left in the House.

“I’m all about the money here, I love the money. I don’t want to be famous and remain broke. If I’m rich and no fame, then it’s fine but I want the money,” he said.

During his time with the 16 other housemates, Boma disclosed that it’s been difficult trying to stay focused in the house.

Boma also said a lot of people do not know how emotional he can be.

“It’s been difficult trying to be focused in the house. I’m very emotional and people don’t really know because I try to put up a face,” he said

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BY Gbenga Bada / THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Angel, Cross, Saskay, Yousef and Whitemoney have collectively won N1.5million.

The five housemates won the prize money after winning the Storm task on Day 25.

The BBNaija Housemates had to once again dig through their creative tool sets to come up with an entertaining television commercial for the Storm Body Spray.

The instruction for the task was simple. They had to develop and present a creative and entertaining television commercial that included a suitable song or jingle.

Team Love, led by Yousef, came up with a story of a guy in love who proposes to his girlfriend but is quickly rejected because of the bad odour coming from his armpits when they hugged. They ended their commercial with a catchy jingle that goes something like, “Bad energy stay far away, stay far away.”

The five won N1,500, 000, which they will share among themselves.

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BY Adeniyi Adewoyin/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemate Maria has picked Boma as her Deputy Head of House.

Maria, who was the immediate Deputy Head of House, emerged the winner of the Head Of House game.

After picking Boma as her Deputy, Big Brother insisted Boma should pick someone who will join him in the HOH lounge.

Boma picked Jackie B to enjoy the HOH privileges.

The twist of the game changed hours after Kayvee was pulled out of the show over medical reasons.

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By Kehinde Olusanya/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates Sammie and Liquorose have become N500 Abeg Naira richer after winning the first Friday arena games.

Biggie also stated two winners, both male and female, will emerge from the game.

As the Head of House, Boma started the game followed by other housemates.

The games began with Big Brother explaining the procedures of how the games will be played by each housemate standing on the start line, jogging through the tires, climbing the hill, going underneath the ropes, jumping over the stands, pulling a tyre to the end line and ending their game by shouting ‘Abeg I don finish’.

After they all played, Sammie and Liquorose were declared the winners by Big Brother and were rewarded with N500 Abeg each.

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