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The All Progressives Congress (APC), in Kano state is now leading in eight out of the ten Local Government councils, with PDP having two as announced at the INEC collation centre in Kano.

Dr. Shehu Usman-Yahaya, collation officer for Governorship election said in Madobi Local Government Area (LGA), the All Progressives Congress (APC) has Scored 24,491, and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) scored 24,309 votes.

He added that the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) candidate which came third in the race in Makoda, Alhaji Salihu Sagir-Takai had also scored 425 votes.

Also, the returning officer for Makoda Local Government Area, Prof. Aliyu Suleiman said that the APC candidate, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje has scored 22,788, and PDP candidate, Alhaji Abba Kabir scored 9,253.

According to Suleiman, the PRP candidate has scored 761 votes.

In Bebeji LGA, the collation and Returning officer for the Governorship election, Prof. Ibrahim Barde announced that the APC candidate has scored 17,418, and PDP scored 18,533 while PRP got 788 votes.

Dr. Mohammed Yusha’u, the Returning Officer for Kunchi LGA for gubernatorial election said the APC candidate had garned 16,159, while PDP got 13,171, with PRP having scored 270 votes .

In Danbatta LGA, the Returning Officer Prof. Abubakar salisu, announced that the APC candidate led with 24,686, defeating the PDP candidate who scored 18,696, leaving PDP to struggle with 2,793.

In Karaye,LGA, the returning officer, Prof.Bello ldris Tijani,announced that the APC scored18,770,beat the PDP candidate who got 17,163,while PRP managed with 383 votes.

In Kibiya LGA,the returning officer,Prof. Isa Garba said that PDP got 17,373,leaving APC with 15,760,while PRP was left with 250 votes.

While in Albasu LGA,the APC garnered 25,358 votes,PDP got 17,373,with PRP having 347 votes,as announced by the returning officer,Prof Mustafa Bichi.

In Garko LGA,the returning officer,Prof.Abdulsam and Umar Jibiya, announced that APC scored 16,952,while PDP has12,295 votes,as PRP scored 4,204 votes.

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The All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party are neck to neck in the Presidential and National Assembly elections in Edo State.

No official results have been announced as collation of results was still going on at each Ward.

Former Governor Adams Oshiomhole and National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress thrashed the PDP at his polling unit at Iyamho and Governor Godwin Obaseki won at his polling unit at Emokpae primary school.

Elections were generally peaceful across Edo State except in some polling units at Egor where ballot boxes were set ablaze.

Those that spoke hailed the conduct of the elections.

In some areas, there were initial malfunction of the card readers but they were later rectified.

In Edo South where Senator Matthew Urhoghide and Patrick Obahiagbon are in the race, unofficial results showed there were clear winner yet.

For the House of Representatives seat on Ovia Constituency, Dennis Idahosa of the All Progressives Congress maintained a lead in his stronghold while Barr. Omosede Igbinedion held on to Okada, her hometown.

Hon Ehiozuwa Agbonnayima took the lead in Ikpoba-Okha while his opponent, Jude Ise-Idehen is said to win in some wards in Egor.

Edo State Commissioner of Police, in charge of elections, Dan-Malam Mohammed who visited several polling in company of the lnter-Agencies Consultatives Committee on Elections warned policemen not to allow anybody enter INEC office.

His words, “Make sure you work with the names on your list. you know lNEC office is very vital during collation of results, make sure is properly secure.”

A visit to the Edo college, in Ward 8, in Oredo local government in units 27 to 30, the security agencies made up of Army, DSS, Custom, NCSDC, lmmigration and others to verify the situation on ground, the PDP and APC agents complains about shortage of sensitive materials like ballot papers and othe logistics plights to the police.

ln Udo, Ovia South West, ballot boxes were snatched and a suspect was arrested with arms and ammunition.

Police spokesman, DSP Chidi Nwabuzor confirmed the arrest.

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has urged Nigerians not to vote for politicians who will loot the country’s treasury if elected into office.

Malam Lanre Issa-Onilu, the APC National Publicity Secretary, made the appeal in a statement on Thursday in Abuja.

He called on Nigerians to turn out en-masse on Saturday and use their votes to send a clear message to treasury looters who wanted to hijack presidential power by “hook or crook”.

He said the time had come for Nigerians to again reject the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

“Never again should Nigerians allow them return to power to continue embezzling our resources.

“We must all remember how, under the PDP’s 16-year watch, our commonwealth was wantonly privatised and used to fund their political activities.

“The world has been daily assailed by outcomes of investigations showing the humongous funds that past PDP administrations stole and laundered for private use,’’ he said.

The APC spokesman noted that in the most inhumane manner under the PDP, counter-insurgency votes were channeled to private pockets while terrorists ravaged communities and citizenry and seized Nigeria’s territory.

He said the national economy was pushed to the verge of recession and cleverly papered over with voodoo economics employed by the PDP administrations.

Issa-Onilu added that confronted with the realities of a poorly-managed national economy and neglected infrastructure, the APC took over the administration of the country when Nigeria began slipping into recession.

He further added that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration had worked prudently to pull out the country from recession which the PDP plunged it into.

He stressed that the APC administration had today, degraded Boko Haram insurgence which under the previous administration, annexed and hoisted their flags in at least 28 local government areas in the North-East zone.

He added that the APC administration had also been surefooted in the fight against corruption, rebuilding the country’s dilapidated infrastructure and diversifying the economy.

He said that while the choices that had presented themselves before us as a nation in the coming elections were many, the APC offered the best credible alternative.

This, he said, was in terms of an incorruptible presidential candidate that could sustain the march towards a national rebirth or going backward to the era of looting and plundering of our commonwealth by a few elite.

This, he says, is what the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar offers.

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Party’s Campaign Council kicks against ‘threats’ Polls tip President for victory

United States Ambassador to Nigeria Stuart Symington got yesterday a piece of advice — watch your tongue.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council accused Mr. W. Stuart Symington of creating an impression that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot win a free and fair election.

His comments are implicit attacks against the government of Nigeria, the Council said.

The Campaign noted that the continous warning by the American Ambassador about “flawed elections” is capable of casting an unwarranted cloud over the process, adding that instead of encouraging our country toward credible elections, such statements undermine public confidence.

President Buhari will win the election fair and square, the Council said. Some reputable research organisations have tipped the President to win the race.

Its spokesman Festus Keyamo, in a statement issued in Abuja, said it was concerned about the Ambassador’s statement in which he threatened to “hold to account” anyone whose speech, no matter the motivation of that speech, engendered hatred during the elections.

Keyamo said these statements by the envoy imply that the Federal Government was inclined to rigging the election in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is unfair and unacceptable as President Buhari has never been accused of electoral malpractice all his life, Keyamo said.

The statement reads: “We are deeply concerned about many of the expressions of the United States’ Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador W. Stuart Symington and other Western diplomats which have been directed towards Nigeria’s upcoming elections. Whilst we laud and whole-heartedly welcome their interests in the elections, many of these expressions have been notably off- key.

“The continued warnings about ‘flawed elections’ are capable of casting an unwarranted cloud over the process. Instead of encouraging our country toward credible elections, such statements undermine public confidence. It would appear that these envoys seem to have discredited the election before it has even taken place.

“We truly hope some of the statements attributed to these diplomats are inaccurate. For instance, the Premium News reported that Ambassador W. Stuart Symington threatened to ‘hold to account’ anyone whose speech, no matter the motivation of that speech, engendered hatred. We all agree that any speech willfully intended to trigger violence is condemnable.

“However, in condemning other forms of political speech, the American envoy overstepped his ambassadorial brief. For instance, the American Ambassador was reported to have condemned a situation where a candidate says that his opponent’s political and economic policies are abhorrent and dangerous to the greater welfare of the people and calls on the citizens to hate and reject such policies.

“In our view, this is a correct statement because it is the duty of the candidate to tell the people these truths to protect the nation from subsequent calamity. But Ambassador Symington says his country would punish such necessary political speeches.

“For us, it is significant to note that such strong political speeches are not unlawful in the United States, but Ambassador Symington is seeking to penalise such speeches by Nigerians. He seeks to shrink our ambit of free speech so that we may behave in accordance with their vision of well-behaved Africans, rather than in consonance with our vision of our own democracy, no matter how tumultuous and dramatic we may be.

“It would appear that his position seeks to prohibit forms of expression integral to our political discourse. These forms of expression have time and time again been adjudged to be constitutionally-protected speeches by the United States Supreme Court.

“However, Ambassador Symington intentionally issued his threats to place a chilling effect on speeches in Nigeria that, if uttered in America, would be constitutionally protected. Unfounded allegations and threats to penalise people for constitutionally-protected free speech is improper interference in our internal affairs. Sadly, what Ambassador Symington and some other western diplomats are doing border on the improper.

“We take the view that the constant statements by Ambassador Symington and the other diplomats are implicit attacks against the government of Nigeria. These statements imply the Nigerian government is inclined to rig the election in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is unfair and unacceptable to us. President Muhammadu Buhari has never been accused of electoral malpractice all his life.

“However, in contrast, former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar publicly boasted a few months ago that he rigged the 2003 election in the Southwest states. Here, we have an open confession of blatant electoral malfeasance by the PDP candidate. But in all of these, there seems to be no concern by Ambassador Symington and other diplomats about this well-acknowledged proclivity of the main opposition.

“We expected that such open confession to rigging in the past would have drawn condemnation from the United States. Rather what we witnessed recently was the ignoble act of giving such a self-confessed rigger with a decade-old indictment in America for corruption hanging over his head a special status to enter the U.S for a few days. Such is the double standard that America now displays for the whole world to see.

“It is unfortunate that most of these countries that sermonise about free and fair elections have ugly histories of denial of voting right to people because of their colour and are still facing many challenges with their electoral systems till date.

“The continued reference and praise of the 2015 election by Ambassador Symington clearly shows he needs further briefing about the Nigerian situation. For his information, the 2015 presidential election, at the end of the day, produced the correct outcome, but with flawed figures in many areas.

“Though they lost, the figures attributed to the PDP were inflated in many places, especially in the South South, to save the face of the past President and to reduce the margin of his defeat. President Buhari is determined to improve on the 2015 elections and so it cannot even be our benchmark.”

The statement pointed out the responsibility of an American ambassador stressing that his comments should reflect deep thoughts.

He went on: “An American ambassador has a great responsibility in representing the strongest economic and military power in the world. His comments carry weight because of the status of his nation. This means his comments should reflect a deep knowledge of the subject.

“Sadly, Ambassador Symington has not shown the deep knowledge of Nigerian situation. The impression he creates by constantly harping on suspected government interference with the electoral process is that President Buhari cannot win without tipping the results. He seems to be saying that only a PDP victory will be evidence of a fair election.

“Again, he is in great error. From all of the information at our disposal, President Buhari can and should win a free and fair election. However, it appears to us that Ambassador Symington is substituting his subjective conclusions for the sovereign will of the Nigerian people. In doing so, he has abandoned the impartiality of a true envoy and has trespassed into interfering in our electoral process.

“Instead of encouraging free and fair elections, these judgmental statements and threats only cast an unnecessary pall over the elections and the nation. This is an international disservice and not international diplomacy. The days of unquestioned condescension to Western powers are long gone and we are not prepared at this time in Nigeria to recede to that era.

“Nigerians will define Nigeria’s democracy. We shall hold fair and just elections, not because of scolding by diplomats, but because we have sufficient intelligence and morality to do what is right for ourselves.

“If Ambassador Symington has familiarised himself with Nigeria’s history from 1999 till date, he would have realised that those in the main opposition are being haunted by their past: they think President Buhari would behave exactly like they did all these years when they consistently rigged elections and denied Nigerians the right to choose their leaders.

“If Ambassador Symington truly intends to be impartial, his statements should acknowledge that both Government and Opposition (particularly in states where the opposition have governors in place) must respect the process and refrain from rigging.

“We expect him to counsel both governing party and the Opposition from any form of electoral malpractice. After all, it is not only Governments at the centre that rig elections. Elections can also be rigged in opposition-controlled areas.

“It is not too late for Ambassador Symington to repair the damage of his uninformed statements. He needs to speak as an impartial envoy instead of a person who appears to have prejudged the quality of the process and the outcome. Until he attains that level of informed impartiality, whatever good he seeks is better achieved by his silence than by tendentious utterances.”

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The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has taken a swipe at the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, accusing him of being “the greatest election rigger in this country.” ADVERTISING Bola Tinubu Tinubu attacks Obasanjo, Atiku, says Peter Obi only vast in creating ‘container economy’ He also attacked the former Governor of Anambra state and Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Peter Obi, saying the PDP’s VP candidate is only vast in creating what he described as “container economy.”

The APC national leader made the statement on Saturday at the APC’s presidential rally in Lagos. President Buhari had arrived Lagos for his campaign where both current and former governors of the state, Ambode and Fashola were equally present. Tinubu, who assured that Buhari will win Lagos state in the coming election in the country, however, attacked the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo and the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, saying both men should be held responsible for the poor electricity in the country.

Taking a swipe at Obasanjo, Tinubu said former President Obasanjo rigged the election that produced the former President, Late. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. The National Leader of the APC said he had asked the late president in 2007 what he(Yar’Adua) would do with elections in Nigeria and that the late president admitted that the election that brought him in as President was massively rigged. He quoted the late president as saying that, “the election that brought me as a President into this country is flawed, and I will reform it.” Tinubu, therefore, said that it was Obasanjo that conducted that election fraught with massive rigging, hence, he described Obasanjo as the greatest election rigger in Nigeria. According to him, “Who conducted that election,” he asked rhetorically, and continued saying, “Obasanjo is the greatest rigger in this country,” He said the administration of the Obasanjo and Atiku should be held responsible for the epileptic power supply in Nigeria because, both Obasanjo and Atiku opposed the novel power generation project he introduced in Badagry. He however, said that he later won them in court and continued with his power project.

According to him, “Then, Obasanjo came. We taught them that there was no other way to have business evolution and revolution in this country without steady power supply. “I introduced independent generating power projects in Badagry. What did he do? He and Atiku opposed it. I went to court. Who was my lawyer in court? Osinbajo. I won in court and we started generating 300MW, the first state to do it. “Imagine, that was in 1999. If Nigeria was dedicated to electricity generation, you would not see Dunlop and Michelin move out of the country. Look at our roads, look at the vehicular density in Lagos alone.”

On Peter Obi, he said, “And they call one man Obi, in one party, saying he will create jobs. He has not been able to tell us how we can make brake parts for those vehicles, how we can make wheel spanners on our own for those vehicles. “And he said maybe he can go and expand the port in Benin Republic so we can clear our cargoes faster. I call that ‘container economy, Obi China.’”

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The Peoples Democratic Party on Monday alleged the electoral officers of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) across the federation are members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

“The PDP alerts Nigerians that INEC has been taking directives from the Buhari Presidency and the APC on how to manipulate our electoral process at various levels,” PDP spokesman Kola Ologbondiyan said at a press conference in Abuja.

“To this end, INEC has collected a list of people that will serve as electoral officials, including ad-hoc staff and returning officers at the polling units, from APC state governors and candidates, across the federation, on the directives of the Buhari Presidency.”

Ologbondiyan, however, did not provide evidence to support his claims.

He said President Muhammdu Buhari and his party, APC, were plotting to ensure institutional manipulation of the electoral process, including accreditation, voting and collation of results at the polling units.

The PDP spokesman called on INEC to publish the list of its electoral officers nationwide.

Ologbondiyan said: “In the light of the foregoing, the PDP demands that INEC, within the next 48 hours, publish the list of all officials and ad-hoc staff that will play any form of role in the election at all levels for verification by stakeholders.”

He stated that refusal to publish the list within 48 hours would be a clear indication that INEC has been compromised by the APC, Buhari led government.

Ologbondiyan urged INEC chairman Yakubu Mahmood to note that the fate of the nation lies in his hands, stating that the conduct of the election would mark his tenure as INEC boss to be a good or bad one for the nation.

The PDP spokesman called on the international community to place INEC chairman, directors and commissioners on a watch list and place them on travel ban over plots to rig the February 16, 2019, presidential elections.

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The Lagos State House Assembly yesterday insisted that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and some of his commissioners it invited to explain infractions on this year’s budget must appear before it.

The Assembly said should the infractions continue, it would apply constitutional provisions for punitive measure: impeachment.

Majority Leader Sanai Agunbiade addressed reporters last night after an emergency parliamentary meeting by the lawmakers.

The lawmaker said nobody was witch-hunting the governor, as being insinuated in some quarters, but that the infractions were serious issues the Assembly could not overlook.

He said the Assembly decided to debunk the wrong information and misconception being bandied around over the Assembly’s resolutions on Ambode last Monday.

There was a massive protest yesterday at the Assembly by concerned Lagosians against the planned impeachment of the governor.

The situation compelled the lawmakers to go into an emergency parliamentary meeting after the protest.

Referring to the protest, Agunbiade said the Assembly was not saying Ambode should end his tenure but that because of issues surrounding the budget, he was summoned by the Assembly.

According to him, the major contention is that he had started spending from this year’s budget, which has not been laid before the Assembly.

Agunbiade insisted that such action was against constitutional provisions.

He added: “The budget is supposed to have been laid before the commencement of another fiscal year. This has always been the practice in the state. Unless it is laid, you cannot spend from it. But the governor has made expenditure from the budget.

“There are also some infractions the Assembly observed about the 2018 budget, the expenditure made outside the budget, which necessitated the invitation the Assembly extended to him and some commissioners to explain things.

“It is not witch-hunting, as some people believe. To make expenditure from the budget, you must have laid it before the Assembly. For now, we don’t have the budget. So, you can’t spend. As legislators, we must do things properly.”

Agunbiade also corrected some misconceptions, which he said were being tied to the Ambode issue.

The lawmaker said it was not true that the Assembly was after Ambode because he refused to fund their campaign.

“We want Lagos to flourish, but we cannot compromise the regulations or constitutional provisions concerning appropriation.

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Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has said he refused to sign the amended Electoral Bill because signing such at a short period to the election can cause disruption and confusion in respect of which law governs the electoral process.

The letter was read on the floor of the Senate by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

Buhari, in a letter to the Senate on while he declined assent to the bill, said he was concerned that passing a new electoral bill this far into the electoral process for the 2019 general elections, which commenced under the 2015 Electoral Act, could create some uncertainty about the applicable legislation to govern the process.

According to Buhari, any real or apparent change to the rules this close to the election might provide an opportunity for disruption and confusion in respect of which law governs the electoral process.

“This leads me to believe that it is in the best interest of the country and our democracy for the National Assembly to specifically state in the Bill that the Electoral Act will come into effect and be applicable to elections commencing after the 2019 General Elections.

“It is also important for the following drafting amendments to be made to the Bill: A. Section 5 of the Bill, amending section 18 of the Principal Act should indicate the subsection to which the substitution of the figure ’30” for the figure “60” is to be effected.

“B. Section 11 of the Bill, amending Section 36 should indicate the subsection in which the provision is to be introduced.

“C. Section 24 of the Bill which amends Section 85(1) should be redrafted in full as the introduction of the “electing” to the sentence may be interpreted to mean that the political parties may give 21 days’ notice of the .. intention to merge, as opposed to the 90 days provided in Section 84(2) of the Electoral Act which provides the provision for merger of political parties.

“D. The definition of the term “Ward Collection Officer” should be revised to reflect a more descriptive definition than the capitalized and undefined term “Registration Area Collation Officer,” he said.

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday night declared the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Raheem Olawuyi Ajuloopin, as winner of the Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke-Ero Federal constituency bye-election in Kwara state.

Announcing the results, INEC’s Chief Returning Officer for the poll, Prof. Abimbola Adesoji, said Ajuloopin scored 21,236 votes as against 18,095 votes scored by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Saheed Damilare Alatise.

INEC’s Chief Returning Officer for the poll, Prof. Abimbola Adesoji.
INEC’s Chief Returning Officer for the poll, Prof. Abimbola Adesoji.

He added that the Labour Party had 150 votes; just as the PPN had 76 votes while UPN had 42 votes.

He said out of the 40,930 total votes cast, the total valid votes were 39,599 while 1,331 votes were rejected.

Results displayed for the Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke-Ero Federal constituency bye-election conducted by INEC in Kwara state on Saturday. PHOTOS BY: Romoke W. Ahmad.
Results displayed for the Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke-Ero Federal constituency bye-election conducted by INEC in Kwara state on Saturday. PHOTOS BY: Romoke W. Ahmad.

Daily Trust reports that the APC candidate won in three out of the four local governments in the constituency and led with 3,142 votes.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed on the queue to vote during the bye-election at the Ile baale Unit PU006 in Oro, Irepodun local government area of Kwara state.
Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed on the queue to vote during the bye-election at the Ile baale Unit PU006 in Oro, Irepodun local government area of Kwara state.
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The All Progressives Congress, APC, Lagos State chapter has announced former Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure in the state, Dr Kadri Hamzat as the running mate to its governorship candidate, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The state party leaders made the official presentation of Hamzat as Sanwo-Olu’s running mate on Sunday at the party secretariat, Acme Road, Ogba area of Lagos.

Hamzat was born September 19, 1964.

He graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1986 with a degree in Agricultural Engineering and subsequently furthered his studies at home and abroad, resulting in both an MSc. in Crop Processing Engineering (1988) and a Ph.D. in System Process Engineering (1992).

Sequel to this, he garnered about two decades of work experience in several organisations, including the City of New York, RTP Consulting Services, Columbia University, Merrill Lynch Inc, Morgan Stanley and Oando Plc.

In August 2005, Hamzat was appointed Commissioner for Science and Technology during the tenure of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He retained his position when Governor Babatunde Fashola assumed office in 2007. It was during his tenure as Commissioner for Science and Technology that Hamzat enforced the application of modern technology in the state’s ministries, thus changing the face of data and record keeping in Lagos and at the same time eliminating the trend of state ghost workers.

It is reported in some quarters that this single act was largely responsible for his elevation as Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure at the commencement of the second term in office of the Governor Fashola’s administration. The office had gone on without a commissioner during Fashola’s first four years, with only a Special Adviser reporting directly to the governor.

In execution of his mandate, Hamzat’s ministry has completed several key projects for Lagos State in the mega-city era.

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