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Adams Oshiomhole – National Chairman

Mai Mala Buni – National Secretary

Niyi Adebayo – Deputy National Chairman

Babatunde Ogala – National Legal Adviser

Bankole Oluwajana – National Vice Chairman (South West)

Mohammed Sani – Deputy National Organizing Secretary

Tunde Bello – National Financial Secretary

Ibrahim Masari – National Welfare Secretary

Jock Alamba – Deputy National Welfare Secretary

*North Central: Nelson Alapa (Ex-Officio ); Hassana Abdullahi (National Women Leader ); Zakari Mohammed (Zonal Secretary); Ibrahim Abdul (Zonal Organizing Secretary); Makop Masoic Danladi (Zonal Special Leader).

*North East: Mohammed Abba Isa (Zonal Special Leader); Abubakar Sadiq Ajiya (Zonal Secretary); Mamman Isa Azare (Ex-Officio).

*North West: Nasiru Dano (Ex-Officio); Misbahu Lainan Didi (National Special Leader); Abdulmunaf Mohammed (Zonal Organising Secretary); Tukur Abdulkadir Gusau (Zonal Secretary).

*South-South: Rachael Akpabio (Zonal Women Leader); Koteten Ibadan (Ex-Officio); Johnson Maafo (Zonal Special Leader).

*South -West: Olu Kemi Titilola Nelson (Zonal Women Leader); Olusegun Tomorin (Zonal Youth Leader); Tajudeen Lamboye (Zonal Organising Secretary); Tajudeen Bello (National Financial Secretary); Omolaoye Oluremi Akintola (Ex-Officio); Adelabu Paul Ayolade (Zonal Special Leader).

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Former Kaduna State Governor and immediate past National Caretaker Committee Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi has declared his intention to contest for Nigeria’s presidency under the platform of the PDP.
Makarfi expressed optimism that his party will wrestle power from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), saying that APC has been working for the PDP by refusing to govern well.
Makarfi who made the disclosure in an interview with journalists in Kaduna on Sunday said he has consulted widely and arrived at a conclusion that is was okay for him to contest for the Presidency.
“I have been consulting across the country since I left as the chairman of the party. It is just consultations and not endorsement. But it gives you an opportunity to feel the pulse and it will tell whether to go forward or not to go forward. The consultations have been quite positive and I believe it is fair enough to come to the conclusion that one should join other equally capable party men and women who have shown interest in seeking the party’s nomination for the 2019 presidential election.
“At this stage, it is to seek for the party’s nomination. The successful nominees will become the candidate that will stand for the election. But first thing first. If ones party does not put him forward, you can’t say you are contesting for presidency yet. At this stage, I have come to the conclusion that it is okay, based on the consultations that I have had.”
The two term Governor and two term Senator from Kaduna State said he knows governance and has what its takes to govern Nigeria, after successfully governing a complex state like Kaduna for eight years.
“I have known governance for sometimes at state level. I served Kaduna for three years as commissioner for finance and economic planning. I came in from the private sector. I have private sector experience, especially banking. I governed this complex state for eight years. I have legislative experience, having been in the senate for a two term of eight years. I got a bonanza when the party leadership fell on my laps, to know about managing political party.
“If you cannot manage your party, even if you are elected, you will have problems governing. If you can’t manage the legislature and build cordial relationship such that key legislations that can take this country forward are passed, then governance becomes complex for you. If you cannot manage complex society such as kaduna, which is a mini nigeria, you cannot manage Nigeria. God has so designed that one has passed through all these processes.
“These, to me, are advantages but of course it does not mean that it is a forgone conclusion. Somebody who may have not prepared himself in governance at all may find himself in government but the country will pay a price for that. I believe I have these advantages.
“Managing complex security issues is not new to me. Managing complex people of societies is not new to me. If you look at it from that perspective, I am prepared for the job. I served as the Governor of Kaduna state where I was able to mobilise the citizens of Kaduna state, irrespective of where they came from in Nigeria, earned their confidence and they worked with me and supported me and we were able to restore normalcy that people thought was impossible.
“If I am nominated and eventually gets elected, my philosophy will not be to go after opposition. It is to see how I will work with the opposition in any area for the good of all of us while maintaining our independent political opinion over any matter. That is how you can bring Nigerians together. And that is when people will not even have any need to cross carpet. If I get nominated and get elected and I find somebody in APC who can help me do what I want to do, I will look for you without demanding that you join the PDP. I will leave you to make that decision on your own, that is the kind of politics that I want to see happening in Nigeria.” He said.
Speaking on the chances of his party, Makarfi said, the crisis rocking the ruling party is an advantage for his party, adding that the PDP need to thank APC for refusing to govern well and mismanaging its internal crises.
According to him, “We must also thank the APC for working for us because they have been working for us. They have refused to govern well, they have been fighting each other. They are many things for which we can thank them. There is no way the executive and the legislature can work again as one . The is no way the party can be cohesive again. There are elements in government fighting each other and there is nobody to call them to order. We should not expend our energy when somebody is working for us.
Makarfi however gave Buhari’s government a thumbs-up on the fight against insurgency, but said the successes recorded would have been overwhelming if the institutions of the government had work together.
On the fight against corruption, the PDP Presidential aspirant said the fight was selective against the opposition. He however warned that the institutions of government should not be used to fight political opposition, as that will spell doom for the country.
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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed surprise over what it called the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) new found proclivity for spewing falsehood in the name of opposition rhetoric and politics.

“Whatever is left of PDP, after years of suicidal gluttony, can only whine about imaginary persecution while wilfully ignoring the efforts being made to literally clear the mess they created and build a new Nigeria in line with the change agenda promised the electorate,” the APC National Publicity Secretary, Malam Bolaji Abdullahi, said in a statement issued on Sunday in Abuja.

Abdullahi was reacting to a recent statement credited to the PDP spokesperson in which the APC was accused of among others; corruption, sectionalism and opposition clampdown, in the leadup to the 2019 elections.

He said the APC had not inherited ‘undemocratic practice’ in its governance style both in its internal politics and the country’s administration, under President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said that it was a ‘widely-known fact’ that suppressing the opposition was the stock in trade of the PDP during its defunct 16-year rule.

Abdullahi said the past PDP administrations used state apparatus to harass opposition figures as seen in the attack on the APC data centre, blockade of the air and road routes to prevent movement of then opposition leaders in the leadup to the 2015 elections, among other clampdowns.

“The PDP without an iota of proof, rather spewing laughable conspiracies accuses the APC-led administration of ‘barefaced looting’. Elections are around the corner and Nigerians are not gullible. They see through the PDP’s diversionary antics aimed at deflecting attention from the wanton culture of impunity and corruption it instituted when it held sway.

“Do we forget the PDP administration’s unwillingness to operate the now implemented Treasury Single Account (TSA) which has greatly plugged government revenue leakages? Do we forget the voodoo economics, reckless fiscal policies and shocking pillage of the public treasury perpetuated during past PDP administrations?

“Do we forget confessions by the immediate-past finance minister and coordinating minister of the economy, reporting “zero political will to save” under the immediate-past administration. Do we forget the $2.2 billion anti-insurgency funds fraudulently diverted and disbursed by the erstwhile National Security Adviser to political associates of the immediate-past President and PDP members, while our military personnel on the frontlines were ill-equipped and demoralized, resulting in many avoidable deaths and the maiming of our gallant men in uniform?

“PDP's narrative is anchored on the belief that if they continue to throw these wild allegations around, somehow Nigerians will forget what they truly represent and the atrocities that they have committed against the country. Alas, Nigerians are wiser now and our memories are longer. We can forgive, but we will not forget.

“Change is perhaps the most difficult idea to implement in our societies, but sometimes, it becomes necessary or even inevitable, just as Nigeria found itself in 2015 because of PDP misrule,” the statement further read.

The party, which urged Nigerians to remain steadfast, promised to propel the country on the path of growth in all facets.

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The growing anxiety over the 2019 general elections appears to be having serious effects on the economy. No doubt, whatever happens in the political arena is bound to affect the market positively or negatively. Politicians are therefore warned to desist from actions and utterances that could negatively impact the nation’s fragile democracy and the even more fragile economy.

Feelers from the stock market show that investors have lost a whooping N729 billion to election anxiety in just three months of decline, obviously in response to the rising political intrigues ahead of the elections. The development is contrary to the general expectations of positive earnings in 2018 after the troubled economy apparently emerged from a recession at the end of 2017.

Indication is that the decline occurred between February and April, after a January rise triggered strong anticipations amid improving macro-economic indications in domestic and global economies.

Analysts, operators and investors alike have linked the decline to “extraneous factors” and “profit taking,” because the subsisting market “fundamentals and upbeat economic data failed to support a much-expected healthy stock price recovery.”

As it were, investors and traders who are mostly foreigners are concerned about the political risks associated with the 2019 elections. The fear of the unknown may have forced many of them to prefer to sit on the fence and watch as things unfold.

After the January and mid-February rally, surprisingly, the market reportedly recorded unprecedented reversal in performance contrary to predictions. This has been blamed, not incorrectly, on the tension that has plagued the political space in recent times.

Of particular note are the killings by the Fulani herdsmen and cases of political thuggery, which have aggravated apathy in investment. Investors are expectedly walking in fear of political risks, believing that violence in the country could trigger panic and lead to massive dumping of shares.

There are signs that the political situation is worsening as evidenced in the ward congresses of the ruling party held across the country the other day, which were marred by conflicts and recriminations leading to cancellations and rescheduling of polls in some states. Besides, the Ekiti and Osun state gubernatorial polls in the coming months this year are being mired in an atmosphere of tension.

Consequently, there is indifference in the market as foreign investors that play a dominant role have resorted to massive sell-off of shares. Indications are that the weak response to earnings is evidence of low liquidity, given, especially, that Nigeria’s 2018 budget passed only last week is yet to be assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari, thereby, leaving the economy to run entirely on monetary stimulus.

One way out of a possible backlash on the economy is that government should adopt pragmatic strategies that would guarantee peaceful campaigns and stabilise the polity to ensure a sustainable market rebound.

Furthermore, it needs to be recognised that insecurity and social disorder are disincentives to investment. Government should rise to the challenge of tackling, with all seriousness, the unfortunate developments in order to restore investors’ confidence.

The polity must be calm. Politicians need to be upright and play by the rule by following due process to ensure a peaceful atmosphere ahead of the elections.

Politicians need not overheat the polity. They need not come up with frivolities that would generate conflict and crises as these affect the capital market and the economy as a whole.

Besides, as the elections draw nearer, law enforcement officers should be more proactive. They should be able to identify flashpoints and ensure that a robust security arrangement is implemented to prevent the breakdown of law and order.

Faced with all the uncertainties, only the most daring of investors could come at this time of uncertainty and fear. Even local investors people are scared of investing.

Government should, of course, stop the growing spate of killings across the country since government alone has the capacity to stop it. There is no way a credible election could be held amid the bloodbath in many parts of the country.

Needless to say that the 2019 elections could make or mar the country depending on how politicians carry themselves. Would they allow patriotism and love for fatherland to dictate their actions and utterances or grant selfish interest to becloud their reasoning? Elections in Nigeria are often associated with gloom.

Certainly, Nigeria’s fragile economy cannot absorb any politically motivated upheaval wisdom demands that elections are conducted in a rancour-free atmosphere and manner, so that democracy and of course, the economy do not go up in smoke.

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Mr Hillary Ekeh has been re-elected as Imo APC party Chairman in the just concluded APC state congress in Imo.

The party delegates who described the congress election as peaceful and successful also re-elected Deputy Chairman Mr Ugochukwu Nzekwe.

But Gov. Rochas Okorocha described the election as illegal claiming that there was a court injunction restraining the party from conducting the election.

Okorocha’s Chief press Secretary Mr Sam Onwuemeodo yesterday issued a statement that the governor had obtained an injunction from an Owerri high court to stop the congress.

The party Chairman Hillary Ekeh countered the claim by saying neither he nor any member of the executive was served the injunction notice.

But the Imo police command claimed an injunction notice was served them and appealed that the congress be put on hold.

Andrew Enwerem, Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) who disclosed this added that police will not allow any illegal gathering in the state.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) after the election, Sen Ifeanyi Araraume described the congress election as peaceful and well-coordinated.

He said there was no fracas or any form of violence during the process and commended the party chairman for his re-election.

He also lauded party delegates who in their wisdom decided to retain Ekeh as their chairman.

Asked if he has any idea of the injunction notice, Araraume said there was nothing like injunction stopping the conduct of the election.

“We the party stakeholders have no idea of any injunction, but even if there is an injunction nobody had been served so our election has to move on,” he said.

Sen Hope Uzodinma in a telephone interview said that there was no hitch during the conduct of the election, adding that the congress in Imo indicated that democracy is growing in Imo.

Deputy Governor Mr Eze Madumere said the state congress was held successfully and the mandate of the people has been protected.

But the Deputy Chief of Staff to Gov. Okorocha, Kingsley Uju insisted that a faction of the party went into an unknown place to hold state congress even when a court injunction was served against the conduct of the election.

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Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Saturday held two separate congresses that led to the emergence of two executives.

While one congress, the clearly dominant one, held at the party’s secretariat on Acme Road, Ogba, another congress, by a splinter group held at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja.

The congress at the State Secretariat produced Alhaji Tunde Balogun, a former commissioner, as chairman while the one at the Airport Hotel produced Fuad Oki as chairman.

It was not clear whether Oki’s congress was supervised by officials sent by the National secretariat of the APC .

Baba Eto, Speaker Obasa, deputy governor Adebule and Governor Ambode at the Lagos APC congress

The National Leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s group produced the Balogun led executive at a congress conducted at the party secretariat on ACME Road, by the State Congress Committee headed by Senator Uche Ekwunife.

At the congress held at the APC Secretariat on ACME Road, Balogun became the party chairman, Chief Sunny Ajose (Deputy Chairman), Chief Funsho Ologunde (vice-chairman, West), Mr Kayode Olusanya (vice-chairman, East), Mr Hakeem Bamigbala (vice-chaiman, Central), Dr. Wale Ahmed (secretary), Ms Olasunmbo (treasurer), Barrister Joana Adebobuyi (assistant treasurer), Mr Joe Igbokwe (publicity secretary), Hon. Abiodun Salami (assistant publicity secretary), Ademola Sadiq (legal adviser).

They were all elected by affirmation, as all of them were consensus candidates.

Chairman of the State Congress Committee, Senator Ekwunife lauded the arrangements for the exercise that ensured that it went on peacefully without any rancour, expressing her gratitude to party leadership in the state for the cooperation and support for her committee, even as she promised to sell Lagos to other states of the Federation on the way to go about having a rancour-free transition.

According to her, “We are going to suggest to others the need to emulate Lagos on how to have a smooth transition,” adding that the outgoing party chairman, Otunba Henry Ajomale, was happy leaving the position for others to take over.

She thanked Ajomale for his leadership role, which she said had seen Lagos growing from strength to strength.

Ajomale, who spoke earlier, thanked party members and leaders for their support and cooperation that had ensured he and his team delivered their best for APC, declaring that the speech he was giving would not be his valedictory since “we are still part and parcel of the party membership.”

Ajomale, while welcoming the state governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode; party chieftains, the about 1,500 delegates, contestants, among others to the exercise, charged incoming leadership to do more and excel, pointing out that Lagos held the prestigious position of being “chairman of chairmen of all state chapters of APC in Nigeria.”

However, at the parallel congress held at Lagos Hotel, Ikeja, Mr, Fuad Oki, a former Campaign Director for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Raji Fashola and Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, emerged as the chairman, while Mr. Sanni Oloye and Mr Wole Oshodi became deputy chairman and secretary respectively.

Oki was also a past vice-chairman (Central) of APC in the state.

In separate interviews, the new chairman of APC, Alhaji Balogun; spokesman Mr Joe Igbokwe and member of the House of Representatives, Abiodun Faleke dismissed the Oki congress. The trio said whichever congress held outside the party office was null and void.

Oki, however said that the congress held by his group was authentic, declaring that the exercise that took place at the Airport Hotel could not be described as parallel in whatever way.

According to him, the congress held at Airport Hotel was the only legitimate one, saying he was not aware of any parallel congress.

‘What we did here was the election of one party, the APC. This is a coalition of different groups, namely; Justice Forum, the Mandate and United Group,” he said.

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President Muhammadu Buhari’s suggestion that former Edo governor Adams Oshiomhole be elected APC National Chairman is a personal opinion and not an imposition, according to Gov Umar Ganduje of Kano.

“Buhari’s choice on who becomes the APC next national chairman is his personal opinion; it is not an imposition in any way,” Ganduje told newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that Buhari, at a meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, asked governors elected on APC platform to support the candidacy of Oshiomhole in the race to lead the party.

Ganduje, while reacting to that, said that everybody was free to contest for the seat just as everybody was free to hold an opinion on who should lead the party.

´´Mr President’s opinion is not constitutional and it is not a non-constitutional opinion as well. He just voiced out his thought which will serve as a guideline to some and otherwise to others,´´ he said.

The governor added that the issue of Buhari’s opinion being undemocratic does not arise.

“There is what we call guided democracy and we regard what Mr President said as such,” he stated.

He, however, said that if President Buhari´s choice of the party´s next national chairman would ensure its stability and avoid a fallout after the election, it would be better for all.

Also reacting to Buhari’s choice of Oshiomhole, Malam Bolaji Abdullahi, the party’s National Publicity Secretary, said that the President’s position would not prevent others from contesting the seat.

Abdullahi, who spoke with newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja, at the end of a closed-door meeting between the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) and Governors elected on its platform, said that the race was still open.

He, however, said that the meeting between the NWC members and the governors was to get their commitment toward a peaceful and transparent congresses that would be accepted by majority of APC members.

“We felt that such commitment was necessary because some of the party´s governors are already giving the impression that congresses will not be held in some states,” he explained.

Abdullahi hinted that the party´s leadership may change the dates for its congresses and convention earlier announced to commence on May 2 and end with the national convention on May 14.

“We have agreed that the NWC will go back and take a second look at the timetable and see the possibility for adjustments, because there are other issues.

“The timetable may be reviewed because it coincides with Muslim’s month of fasting; we must be sensitive to the feelings of Muslims who will be fasting in the month of Ramadan. We shall try to avoid conducting any political activities in that period,´´ he said.

The schedule of activities earlier released by the party´s Organising Secretary, Sen. Osita Izunaso, had indicated that ward congresses would hold on May 2, while appeals that might arise from the exercise would be heard on May 3.

It further showed that local government congresses would hold on May 5, with appeals arising from the exercise fixed for May 7.

The states are expected to hold their congresses on May 9, and entertain appeals from dissatisfied members on May 10. (NAN)

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A former Special Adviser on Revenue Mobilisation to Chief Bola Tinubu, Dr. Charles Nwadiani, has said the reason he wants to govern Delta State from 2019 is to enable him expand the frontiers of governance and rescue the people of Delta State from oppressive governance.

Dr. Nwadiani who is a governorship aspirant of the All Progressive Congress spoke to newsmen at the Benin Airport.

Nwadiani noted that Governors in Delta State have failed to replicate good governance as applicable elsewhere in the country.

He stated that having helped to lay the foundation for modern Lagos while serving as a Special Adviser to former Governor Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos state, he hoped to replicate the same feat in Delta State.

Dr. Nwadiani said he would focus on improving security, youth empowerment and making the state an attraction hub for investors through massive investment in agriculture.

His words, “The most important thing is bringing the culture of good governance and expanding its frontiers to the Niger Delta, making Delta State, the root of great developmental strides. We have limited our action plans to 4 years and we will implement in these 4 years and successive governments will build on it.

“We will mount surveillance cameras everywhere, make the state safe for investors because if you do not have investors, you will only end up killing the people with multiple taxation and we will achieve this within the first 6 months in office”

“We will create an organ called Delta state emergency agency (DELSMA). The DELSMA will involve us building a microfinance bank for the youths of delta state. The youths will have access to loans of up to 5million Naira to build their entrepreneurial skills, thereby becoming employers of labour”.

“We also will employ a lot of youths into the Agricultural sector. We have vast land in the state that can be converted for agricultural purpose and this, we intend to do. After we have done these, we can then conveniently secure the trust of investors. We will have more investors coming and even those that ran away from the state will come back”

“We will rebuild our industries, our moribund factories through adequate funding and putting competent hands and then, we can begin to look at revenue generation in the next one year”, he noted.

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Former Ekiti state governor and current Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr Kayode Fayemi on Sunday says he will contest the July 14 gubernatorial election coming up soon in the state under the APC.

He made his ambition known at a news conference at his Isan-Ekiti country home in Oye Local Government Area of the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Fayemi had hosted leaders and scores of members of the party from all the 16 Local Government Areas and the 177 Wards of the state.

He said he was driven by his past records of positive achievements, especially for workers, retirees and pensioners while in office in the state.

He explained that his decision to seek re-election was to deliver the state from incompetent and dubious hands and take her to where its supposed to be.

NAN reports that the former governor becomes the 35th person to formally indicate interest in the governorship poll in the APC alone, aside from dozen others whose campaign posters and billboards are already out on the streets without formal declaration.

Fayemi said he would formally submit his letter of intent to the state secretariat of the APC as soon as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) lifts ban on campaigns on April 15.

On the issue of a White Paper, indicting him for corruption and consequently banned him from seeking public office for 10 years, Fayemi said he was not bothered.

He declared that the said White Paper cannot stop his ambition, describing the document as final result of several months of political witchhunt launched against him by the Ayo Fayose-led administration that cannot stand the test of time.

“Regardless of whatever anybody may think, I know I am eminently qualified to contest the election, if I am not qualified, I would never have come to tell you I want to contest.

“Most of the negative things Fayose and his government said or alleged of me were deliberately concocted out of malice to either malign my character or score cheap political goal; but the truth will always prevail.

“Same goes for the manipulated debt profile of the state which was a clear case of exaggeration and distortions.

“Can you imagine, Fayose said he issued White Paper banning me from holding public office, but today, I am giving him red card. By the end of the gubernatorial poll exercise, we will know who is right between the two of us,” he said.

The Minister vowed to dislodge Fayose and his deputy in the poll if picked at the May 5, 2018 gubernatorial primary of the party in Ado Ekiti.

He advised other aspirants against divisive tendencies by their followers, stressing that whoever that eventually emerged from the coming primary must be embraced by all since the national secretariat of the party had promised that the whole exercise would be open, free and fair.

He promised to use his second-term to correct all past mistakes and improve on the good ones, saying he had learnt his lessons since leaving office about four years ago as governor.

Fayemi, therefore, asked all those he offended while in office as governor to forgive him, while also saying he had forgiven all those who erred against him, in the interest of the party.

He warned Fayose not to attempt to remove or destroy his campaign posters and billboards the way his government was currently doing to some opposition posters.

The minister was however silent on when he would be resigning his appointment as minister from the Federal Executive Council.

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The House of Representatives has lifted the suspension placed on the former Chairman of its Committee on Appropriation, Rep. Abdulmumin Jibrin (Kano-APC).

This followed a letter of apology sent to the House by Jibrin, which was presented by the Speaker, Mr Yakubu Dogara, at plenary on Tuesday.

The lawmaker was suspended in 2017 for 180 legislative days for allegedly exposing “budget padding” scandal in the legislative arm of government.

Presenting the letter, Dogara said that the suspended legislator had met all the conditions necessary for him to resume his duties.

He therefore said that Jibrin was free to resume his legislative duties whenever he wished.

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