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Tuesday, 31 August 2021 04:06

Ronaldo completes Man United medical

Cristiano Ronaldo completed a medical in Lisbon over the weekend ahead of his return to Manchester United and has reportedly agreed personal terms on a two-year contract with the Premier League club, according to Sky Sports.

United said last week they had agreed a deal to re-sign Ronaldo from Juventus after he told the Serie A club he had no intention of staying, but the transfer was still subject to the agreement of personal terms and a medical.

The clubs have yet to confirm the Portugal forward’s transfer. The Premier League’s summer transfer window closes tonight at 2200 GMT.

Sky reported the fee agreed for the 36-year-old Portuguese was around 15 million euros ($17.70 million) plus a further eight million euros in add-ons.

United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was relishing Ronaldo’s return and said on Sunday that the announcement would be made once the paperwork was done.

With the league paused for the international break, Ronaldo is expected to play his first game when United host Newcastle United at old Trafford on Sept. 11.

Ronaldo won eight major trophies at United from 2003-2009, and the Ballon d’Or as the world’s best player in 2008, before sealing a then world record 80 million-pound ($110.1 million) move to Real Madrid.

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By Adeniyi Adewoyin/ THE NATION

Queen has said that she now has more confidence following Maria’s eviction on Sunday night, August 29, 2021.

Queen, after Maria’s exit from the House, said she now knows how strong she is in the game because she was saved by fans who voted massively for her to remain in the House.

“My confidence is over 100, thank you Africa and Nigeria.

“I’ll just keep being myself in this house, this is another opportunity to prove myself,” she said.

Queen, who was introduced to the House after two weeks, is considered Maria’s arch-rival in the house.

The two had confrontations at different times.

On the fifth Sunday, Maria alongside Sammie and JMK were evicted.

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BY Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION
Boma has said he doesn’t want to be famous and broke.

The former Head Of House made the revelation during a general conversation with other housemates left in the House.

“I’m all about the money here, I love the money. I don’t want to be famous and remain broke. If I’m rich and no fame, then it’s fine but I want the money,” he said.

During his time with the 16 other housemates, Boma disclosed that it’s been difficult trying to stay focused in the house.

Boma also said a lot of people do not know how emotional he can be.

“It’s been difficult trying to be focused in the house. I’m very emotional and people don’t really know because I try to put up a face,” he said

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Some weeks back, I was invited as a guest speaker at the 24th Wole Soyinka Lecture Series. It was a golden opportunity to x-ray some of the core issues plaguing our nation.

Given the personality of the person for whom the lecture was packaged, nothing less than a stormy session was expected from the lectures delivered, especially from the main speaker, Professor Patrick Lumumba. Permit me to share my thoughts on that occasion.

At a time when the Nigerian polity is ravaged with unending insecurity, endemic poverty, and heightened tyrannical disregard for the rule of law, one cannot but salute any opportunity geared towards fostering true Democracy, Good Governance, and enthronement of Justice and the Rule of Law in Nigeria.

The choice of this theme: ‘National Conference Against Impunity in Nigeria’ is therefore not accidental but borne out of the deep yearnings and conviction to reverse the state of debauchery and rot found in almost every annal of the contemporary system of the sovereign entity known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Regardless of the explosive population growth, rising unemployment rate, and unprecedented inflation in the country, it is still without a doubt that our country’s human capital remains its strongest asset when put to productive use. I, therefore, make bold to say that the stand against lawlessness, corruption, and impunity in Nigeria lies in the strength of our numbers.

The minority in positions of authority who repeatedly abuse their rank to destroy the fabrics of our democratic experience should not be left to continue to ride roughshod over the rest of us.

The other point is that the topic reflects the character of the person for whom we are all gathered, a thorn in the flesh of bad governance and all shades of impunity. In this regard, one can safely say that no other person fits this discourse than Professor Wole Soyinka himself, given his endless and selfless struggles against dictatorship and all forms of totalitarian regimes, not only in Nigeria but also in the world at large. As the Professor opined through one of his many books, the man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny.

In doing justice to this discourse, one must highlight some key terms in the context of the theme which are as follows:

The nature of impunity
It has been said that impunity is as old as the society itself. It is thus expected that a larger number of us, if not all members of this audience today, are familiar with the word ‘impunity. As defined by the learned authors of Black’s Law Dictionary 8th Edition, ‘impunity is an exemption or protection from penalty or punishment’.

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines the aforesaid term (impunity) as ‘freedom from punishment or from the unpleasant results of something that has been done. The Oxford Online Dictionary explains it (impunity) as ‘an exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action’. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR) best puts the term ‘impunity’ as follows:

“The impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account – whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings – since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims.”

One common phenomenon found in the seemingly diverse definitions of impunity is the outright disregard and abuse of law without any reprimand. As such, impunity can be considered as a global phenomenon, minute in the government structures of some developed countries and permeating all structures of society in another country.

As rightly observed by Louis Joinet, impunity is a consequence of the ‘failure of states to meet their constitutional obligations to their subjects, investigate violations and take appropriate measures against perpetrators, particularly in the area of justice, to ensure that they are prosecuted, tried and duly punished; to provide the victims with the effective remedies and reparation for injuries suffered, and to take steps to prevent any recurrence of such violation’.

Impunity in Nigeria
From the Nigerian parlance, impunity is commonly referred to in the layman sayings as ‘nothing go happen’ or ‘nothing go sele’. It is seen to manifest in blatant acts of corruption, bad governance, executive malfeasance, corruption of judicial powers, compromise of official responsibilities by those in positions of power especially the law enforcement agencies, the civil service, amongst a host of others. It is gradually extending to the people themselves, unfortunately. Whilst it has become a norm for occupants of public offices to see their tenure as an avenue for personal aggrandizement and as a means of sharing the national cake; from the advent of the extant Government in power, the Executive through the machinery of the security agencies has fallen to the lowly times of outright disregard and disobedience of subsisting court orders and decisions.

The significant culture of impunity in Nigeria is inequality before the law and the lack of accountability. It is the culture of being above the law and even the State itself, wherein an individual lives larger than the rest of society. It is a situation in which institutions of State are unable to perform their statutory responsibilities.

In practical terms therefore, impunity takes place when a felon is not apprehended and prosecuted for the brazen violation of ethics, laws, or responsibilities imposed upon him; when might is right in the face of express legal restraints and when the law itself becomes helpless to arrest the deliberate drift to constant deviations.

Speaking at the 2018/2019 legal year of the Supreme Court and the swearing-in of new Senior Advocates of Nigeria, former Chief Justice of Nigeria, The Honourable Justice Walter Onnoghen, gave a vivid illustration of the consequences of impunity as follows:

“Corruption or any other form of injustice, for that matter, thrives in a culture of impunity. To carry out a successful campaign against corruption, we have to fight the culture of impunity, which is an attitudinal phenomenon.

“If we allow and respect the rule of law, then there will be a dramatic reduction in corruption and injustice. Corruption starts with a decision by an individual or a group of individuals to do the wrong thing. It is as simple as that. Corruption is never an accidental act. The person who commits a corrupt act has an option to do the right thing.”

Aspects of impunity
Research has found that impunity in Nigeria can be grouped into three main classes. They are:

Impunity within the Nigerian security forces
The culture of impunity within the Nigerian security forces has continued in setting the pace at which extra-judicial killings and other human rights abuses are committed by the security forces in Nigeria. Hundreds of people are unlawfully arrested, tortured, and killed.

A good example is a clash between security agencies and youths/protesters clamouring for better government and respect for their dignity of persons, which many claims to be a reflection of the continuous deteriorating state of the rule of law in the Nigerian polity. It is therefore not the first time that the security agencies have been accused of using such brutal force against ordinary citizens with deadly consequences, as the former have displayed wide-ranging impunity.

From the 12th to 14th December 2015, Nigeria witnessed the unjustified slaughter/ killings of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) by the Nigerian Army wherein it was reported that over 300 persons were killed and buried in mass graves. To this day, no Army official has been held accountable for such extra-judicial carnage that terminated the lives of hundreds of citizens.

Despite the guaranty of the Fundamental Right of her citizens as founded under Chapter IV of the 1999 Constitution and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights Act, the present government, through the security agencies, seems to have carved a niche for brazen infringement upon the rights of citizens to freedom of expression and the press.

In the course of proceedings at the ENDSARS Judicial Panel, I have listened to the gory tales of the abuses that citizens endure in the hands of security agencies and it breaks the heart that in some of the concluded cases, those involved have been ‘rewarded’ with promotions, which when properly dissected, translates to a subtle official endorsement of such cases of brazen impunity. Part of the reason for the enthronement of the administration of justice is to send a strong signal to deviants that impunity is not profitable. Thus, when those in positions of authority are found culpable but left off the hook, the wrong impression is thus created, albeit unwittingly, that society does not abhor deviations. This cannot promote law and order.

Adegboruwa is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

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BY Ekaette Bassey August 30, 2021 / THE NATION

According to the 37-year-old mother, she and her friend had tried severally in the past to be on the show but always had to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances.

Angel’s mother stated owing to her unsuccessful attempt to get on the show, she supported her daughter and ensured she got on the show.

Titi warned those who intend coming to her page to insult her, stating she would not hesitate to insult their mothers thereafter, block them.

She wrote: “A lot of you don’t know that before I asked my daughter to go for BBN me and my girl @chefyeide has been trying to go for it but something always comes up that we have to cancel it.

angel and  mom

“So if you come to my page to insult me, I swear on the woman that gave birth to me, I will insult you before I block you.”

Meanwhile, Angel had spoken about her young parents on the show.

The most talked about female housemate in the process revealed her mother gave birth to her at 16, adding her father manages her social media page.

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BY Gbenga Bada / THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Angel, Cross, Saskay, Yousef and Whitemoney have collectively won N1.5million.

The five housemates won the prize money after winning the Storm task on Day 25.

The BBNaija Housemates had to once again dig through their creative tool sets to come up with an entertaining television commercial for the Storm Body Spray.

The instruction for the task was simple. They had to develop and present a creative and entertaining television commercial that included a suitable song or jingle.

Team Love, led by Yousef, came up with a story of a guy in love who proposes to his girlfriend but is quickly rejected because of the bad odour coming from his armpits when they hugged. They ended their commercial with a catchy jingle that goes something like, “Bad energy stay far away, stay far away.”

The five won N1,500, 000, which they will share among themselves.

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BY Gbenga Bada/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Angel has opened up on her preference for people watching her while having sex.

In a chat with Boma, Angel said she likes being watched while having sex.

The housemate stated this while discussing with Boma during their stay in the executive lounge Wednesday night.

“If I wanted to do that, I’ll do that where I’m comfortable. I mean I like being watched, like one person at most.

“I like being watched when I’m having sex,” she said.

Boma, who is the current Deputy Head of House, chose Angel to be with him in the executive lounge after discovering the opening of the lounge.

While the discussion was going on, Big Brother told the two housemates to leave the executive lounge.

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BY Gbenga Bada August/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Angel has revealed she has advised Michael to go back to Jackie B or stop talking to her.

In a chat with JMK, Angel stated that she is chaotic, messy and chilled.

Angel, who was expressing her thoughts over Michael’s move towards her, said she prefers her men to always be open.

She said: “It’s either I’m chaotic and messy or I’m chilled. I don’t want drama. The funny part is I told Michael if he wants to work things out with Jackie, he should stop talking to me but he said no way.

“Just come to me and tell me how you feel rather than going around collecting information from people. That’s dumb!”

Angel was believed to have ignited a relationship with Sammie before ending the ship even before it sailed.

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has taken into custody a former Abia Governor, Sen. Theodore Orji and his son, Chinedu over alleged N48billion security votes.

The two leaders are also expected to account for N2billion Ecological Fund and conversion of Sure-P funds.

While the ex-Governor was intercepted at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja before boarding a flight, his son reported to the EFCC headquarters.

According to a source, the ex-Governor, who has been on the Commission’s watch list, was intercepted at the Nnamdi International Airport, Abuja at about 1000 hours on Thursday and brought to the headquarters of the EFCC at Jabi, Abuja for the continuation of his interrogation.

The source said: “He is being quizzed alongside his son, Chinedu, the current Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, who turned himself in this afternoon upon learning of the arrest of his father.

“Senator Orji and his sons, Chinedu and Ogbonna, are under investigation by the EFCC for offences bordering on misappropriation of public funds and money laundering.

“The ex- Governor is alleged to have collected N500million monthly as security vote for eight years as governor of Abia state between 2007 and 2015.

“Other issues relate to the alleged mismanagement of N2billion Ecological Fund and conversion of Sure-P funds.”

The Head of Media and Publicity of EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, confirmed the arrest of the former Governor.

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