Thursday, 06 May 2021


The US’ Federal Election Commission, FEC, has punctured claims by President Donald Trump that there is fraud in the presidential election.

Trump has consistently claimed that illegal votes were being counted in favour of challenger, Joe Biden.

He said if legal votes were counted, he truly won the election, but noted that several illegal votes were being counted at the moment.

But Ellen Weintraub, Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, wants Americans to know that “there really has been no evidence of fraud” in the election this year.

“State and local officials and poll workers throughout the country really stepped up. And there have been very few complaints about how this election was run,” Weintraub told CNN Saturday morning.

“Very few substantiated complaints, let me put it that way. There is no evidence of any kind of voter fraud. There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast.

“In fact, and you don’t have to take my word for it, because people throughout the country, non-partisan election experts, have come out and handled this election and how it was run.”

Weintraub added: “There really has been no evidence of fraud. None of the complaints have attached any evidence of fraud.”

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