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• Investigators have a lot to unravel, given the s3xual perversion exhibited by school children in the viral video

The last 10 years have been very sad for the Nigerian child. From the heartrending abductions in Chibok, North East Nigeria, to the arson in Bunu Yadi where young boys were burnt alive as they slept, to the abductions in Dapchi, Niger, Zamfara, Kaduna and many other states, to the disruption of West African School Certificate Examinations in the South East, to s3xual violations of different hues in all the tiers of education. It has been a challenging period for both parents and the society.

In the last six months, however, the death of Sylvester Oromoni in Dowen College, Lagos, over alleged bullying had necessitated the closure of the school by the Lagos State government, pending full investigations of the case. Sadly, Nigerians were yet to come to terms with that tragic incident when they woke up last week to the scandalous viral s3x tape of minors who are students of Chrisland Schools, Lagos. The video has been a product of varied analysis and outrage on a global scale, given the power of the social media.

The mother of the girl-child at the centre of the scandal had cried out, alleging rape. So the question we are asking is, how this incident remained under wraps for almost a month amidst allegations of cover-up by the Chrisland Schools management? The Lagos State government again swiftly shut down the schools pending investigations. It had also cautioned citizens to stop sharing the video on social media or risk a 14-year jail term. Whether the state has the technology to track such offenders remains to be seen.

We are as outraged by the actions of the minors as most Nigerians. This is a blood-chilling scandal from the same Chrisland that about two years ago had a member of its staff jailed for s3xually violating a two-year old. Today, the school is in the wrong side of the news again. What is the management doing wrongly? While we do not expect they wave a magic wand to abolish criminal activities of staff or students, we expect that there must be an introspection. Is the school management really very alert to security issues? Are there other scandals that are yet to be unearthed? How did a school trip degenerate to child pornographic video? Why was there the alleged attempt to suppress the scandal? What sort of supervisory roles did the school provide for the students who were of both genders? Is Chrisland alone in this alleged act of impropriety?

We are also outraged that the torchlight is on the girl in the scandal even when a group of boys was alleged to have gang-raped her. These are mere babies in the African cultural social demographics. Are we surreptitiously carrying on the blame game on the girl-child in form of the biblical narrative of the pharisees that brought the alleged woman adulterer to be stoned without the man that committed the sin with her? This sends a very wrong message. How are we raisng our boys?

We equally believe that there has been some failure of parenting in the society at large. Parents, especially those of the upper-middle class, seem to be abdicating in the moral compass they ought to provide for their children, either as parents, teachers or members of the society. We notice that most parents now contract out a huge part of the parenting job to teachers and the social media.

While the parents cannot operate outside the global social circles, there are still apps that parents can use to monitor and control what their children watch on social media, which is a huge part of their life influences at the moment. We believe there must be proper moral direction and control, given our culture.

On the part of schools management, the education ministries at the federal and state levels must upgrade their activities. A lot of reactive instead of proactive, preventive actions are at the root of the chaos we experience in the education sector. The alleged attempt by the school to suppress the scandal must be thoroughly investigated. Governments too must scale up their supervisory roles, both socially and educationally, because when people understand the consequences of non-compliance with set laws, they tend to exercise restraint.

We expect that this incident would be thoroughly investigated and all those found culpable either as parents, teachers or school management punished according to the law.

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By Mike Odiegwu, Port Harcourt/ THE NATION

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike has attacked his Ebonyi counterpart, Dave Umahi again for defecting to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Wike advised the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to scrutinise its aspirants for 2023 election to avert the mistake of handing its tickets to persons who would later join another party.

The presidential aspirant urged PDP delegates to vote for him during the party’s convention because he lacks the propensity to defect with the party’s mandate to another party.

The Rivers Governor spoke while wooing PDP leaders and delegates in Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi State on Friday, according to a statement by his Special Asssitant, Media, Kelvin Ebiri.

Wike expressed optimism that a day of reckoning awaited Umahi and those who defected from the PDP to the APC.

He said the PDP would continue to fight against injustice meted on it by the defectors to strengthen the country’s democracy.

He said: “My colleague David Umahi, wherever you are, wherever you may be, hear me very well. PDP had sleepless night, PDP won election, and you took the mandate of our people and go to another party.

“If you know you are a man and you are very strong, and any day they fix election you will win, I challenge you to resign as governor and contest election whether you will win again.”

On why he deserved the ticket, he said: “I have never left this party one day. When PDP was in problem, I stood firm and I said PDP will not die.

“Don’t give (presidential) ticket to the person who will run from the party tomorrow . I am the only person Nigerians know will not run from the party.”

The Governor urged Ebonyi delegates to support his presidential ambition because he was the only aspirant with the capacity to defeat the APC in the 2023 presidential election.

Wike reiterated that PDP could not afford another defeat in the 2023 general election and advised delegates to shun ethnoreligious sentiment and vote for him to pull Nigeria out from the brinks.

“What PDP wants now is who can win election. It is not about where you come from. What the party wants today is who can win election for PDP. Give me this ticket let me go and win APC for you”, he said.

Wike lamented the spate of killings across the country, declaring that if he emerged as the next president, he would decisively tackle insurgency, banditry and grow the national economy.

He assured as President, he would encourage women and youths active participation in politics.

“If I am the President of this country, I will not have less than seven women as minister. I will not have less than seven youths as ministers”, he said.

Enugu Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi commended PDP faithful for remaining steadfast despite the recent defection of some members of the party to the APC.

Former Gombe Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, told the delegates that Wike has the requisite experience to provide good governance.

He said: “Governor Nyesom Wike, is the person that is prepared for the job in terms of his training, in terms of his character, his courage, his commitment to the party and above all, his determination to work with all of you after he becomes the President of this country. He is strong, he has super energy.

“I have worked with a lot of people including presidents but I want to assure today, Governor Wike is one of the real very active and strong people I have worked with in recent times. He is very strong, he is very committed and he is very determined.”

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By Gowon Akpodonor 12 March 2022 | 3:30 am/ GUARDIAN.NG

Former Green Eagles winger, Adegoke Adelabu, has warned Super Eagles Technical Adviser, Augustine Eguavoen, to be mindful of the calibre of players he parades in the fast-approaching World Cup qualifier against the Black Stars of Ghana.

The Super Eagles will travel to Cape Coast on March 25 for the first leg of the last qualifying tie, with the reverse fixture billed for March 29 at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja.

Adelabu, who played club football with IICC Shooting Stars of Ibadan, told The Guardian, yesterday, that a coach with good team selection between Eguavoen and his counterpart in Ghana, will smile last at the end of the match.

“The game with Ghana’s Black Stars will require a good ball carrier in the midfield to organise ball distribution,” Adelabu said. “The coach will also require a good striker, who will be able to use both feet around the goal area. The rest of the players will have to prevent the opponents from scoring.”

Adelabu added: “At the last AFCON tournament in Cameroun, many of the players in the Super Eagles squad put in effort to get into the team not because they had something special to offer at the end of the day.

“Egauvoan should play back some of our crucial matches, and see whether the players did what he instructed. The strength of the team will be based on the potency of the instructions of the coach and the ability of the players to carry them out.”

Adelabu, a sports scientist, also stated that it is important for Eguavoen to watch the matches played by Ghana Black Stars, the games they won and lost in recent times.

“I want Eguavoen to ensure that only players, who are playing regularly in their clubs are picked for the encounter. Whatever system he will play, must be consistent with the abilities of the players to be picked. By now Eguavoen should know the players he needs to accomplish what he wants,” he stated.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2022 23:48

Court revokes Jaruma’s bail, orders re-arrest

By Ekaete Bassey / THE NATION

An Upper Area Court in Zuba, Abuja has revoked the bail granted popular ‘kayanmata’ seller, Hauwa Saidu aka Jaruma.

The presiding judge, Ismail Abdullahi Jibrin, revoked the bail and ordered for her re-arrest following the failure of Jaruma and her counsel to appear in court.

Abdullahi ordered that the aphrodisiac merchant be remanded at the Suleja Correctional Centre until March 17, 2022 when the case comes up again.

The judge became furious after Jaruma and her lawyer failed to show up and didn’t send any representative.

A lawyer, who described himself as a friend of the court, appealed to the judge to give them more time in a bid of fairness to all parties.

Accepting the lawyer’s plea, the court gave the defendant and her counsel two more hours to appear or send a representative before giving his ruling

Yet nobody showed even after the two-hour grace period elapsed.

Seeing the play out of events, the prosecution lawyer, Inegbinoise Edwin appealed to the court to revoke her bail, since she jumped bail and refused to appear in court.

As a result, the judged became infuriated and explained the act was a mockery to the court and Judiciary noting it will be erroneous for the court not to take action on such.

“I hereby issue Bench warrant against one Hauwa Saidu Mohammed also known as Jaruma, I order the surety to show cause and explain to us why she refused to appear in court”

“This case is adjourned to March 17, 2022”, said the judge.

Jaruma was arrested on January 12 after Ned Nwoko complained she alleged that Regina used her products to ‘grab’ Ned Nwoko, a claim the latter refuted.

She was remanded in prison custody following a petition by Regina Daniel and her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko.

According to reports, Jaruma was remanded at the Suleja Correctional Centre by an Abuja Upper Area Court after she was arraigned by the police for alleged false news publication, intimidation and defamation of character.

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BY Alao Abiodun/ THE NATION

In March 2021, pop star Innocent Idibia, popularly known as Tubaba or Tuface Idibia, and his wife, Annie, celebrated eight years of marital bliss.

In 2012, 2face had proposed to Annie on Valentine’s Day, a move that stirred her to tears when it happened as she wasn’t expecting it.

Going forward, the couple got married on March 23, 2013 in a star-studded wedding ceremony in Dubai.

They have two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Olivia.

But all does not seem to be well, following Annie’s recent outburst on Instagram, over 2face relationship with one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi.

Annie had called out Tuface, for defying their marital vows.

She alleged: “Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.”

She also inferred that Tuface spent days with Pero, who has three children for the superstar, during a trip to the US.

Checks by The Nation shows 2face and Annie started dating when she was 15. Their relationship has, however, faced turbulent times.

2face during his relationship with Annie, had different affairs with other women. He is a father of seven; five from his previous relationships with other women and two with his wife, Annie.

His video African Queen, which saw Annie make appearances is the first video to be aired on MTV Base Africa.

2face Idibia once opened up on why he married his wife, Annie despite having kids from several other women.

He said: “When I used to repeat just 3 sets of clothes, she would always hold my head, look me in the eyes and tell me things will be fine one day.

“When I wasn’t handsome, she would call me her prince charming. When I wasn’t celebrated, she called me her king and said she is my number one fan and to this day, she still is.”

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BY Gbenga Bada / THE NATION

There are seeming cracks in Innocent 2face Idibia’s nine-year-old marriage to wife, Annie Idibia over one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi.

In an Instagram rant in the wee hours of Thursday night, Annie Idibia called out Tuface, who is now known as 2baba, for defying their marital vows and spending a night together with Pero.

She alleged: “Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.”

She slammed Tuface for sleeping under the same roof with his children’s mother, Pero Adeniyi, whenever he’s visiting the kids they share.

“What kind of man takes his kids to Disney and spends the night in the same apartment with the kids and their mother? How many times have you gone to see your kids with Pero? And she stays with you and the kids under the same roof for nights?”

Continuing, the ‘Blackberry Babes’ actress wrote,:“I try to stay gracious, you are not the first man on planet to have kids by different women. Everything I do is to show the good human that I’m, but today this move you, Efe Frankie and your family took is unacceptable.”

Annie also accused her husband of always ganging up with his family members to do things that will bring public disgrace to her.

She also noted that she deserves better from him having stood by him even when it was obvious his family never liked her or their relationship.

“I’m a patient woman, I’m not a fool innocent. Your family never loved me from the beginning! No matter how hard I tried, I was never worthy to them. I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children and God knows I have tried.”

The award-winning singer and father of seven shares five children with other women from his previous relationships and two with his wife, Annie Idibia.

He got married to Annie in a society wedding in Dubai in 2012.

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BY Gbenga Bada / THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Angel, Cross, Saskay, Yousef and Whitemoney have collectively won N1.5million.

The five housemates won the prize money after winning the Storm task on Day 25.

The BBNaija Housemates had to once again dig through their creative tool sets to come up with an entertaining television commercial for the Storm Body Spray.

The instruction for the task was simple. They had to develop and present a creative and entertaining television commercial that included a suitable song or jingle.

Team Love, led by Yousef, came up with a story of a guy in love who proposes to his girlfriend but is quickly rejected because of the bad odour coming from his armpits when they hugged. They ended their commercial with a catchy jingle that goes something like, “Bad energy stay far away, stay far away.”

The five won N1,500, 000, which they will share among themselves.

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has taken into custody a former Abia Governor, Sen. Theodore Orji and his son, Chinedu over alleged N48billion security votes.

The two leaders are also expected to account for N2billion Ecological Fund and conversion of Sure-P funds.

While the ex-Governor was intercepted at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja before boarding a flight, his son reported to the EFCC headquarters.

According to a source, the ex-Governor, who has been on the Commission’s watch list, was intercepted at the Nnamdi International Airport, Abuja at about 1000 hours on Thursday and brought to the headquarters of the EFCC at Jabi, Abuja for the continuation of his interrogation.

The source said: “He is being quizzed alongside his son, Chinedu, the current Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, who turned himself in this afternoon upon learning of the arrest of his father.

“Senator Orji and his sons, Chinedu and Ogbonna, are under investigation by the EFCC for offences bordering on misappropriation of public funds and money laundering.

“The ex- Governor is alleged to have collected N500million monthly as security vote for eight years as governor of Abia state between 2007 and 2015.

“Other issues relate to the alleged mismanagement of N2billion Ecological Fund and conversion of Sure-P funds.”

The Head of Media and Publicity of EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, confirmed the arrest of the former Governor.

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BY Gbenga Bada August/ THE NATION

Maria has emerged fourth Head of the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye edition House and granted immunity from possible eviction.

Maria emerged after all the 22 housemates gathered at the arena for the ‘Head of House’ game on Monday, August 16, 2021.

It was the same game of dice rolling and boxes with instructions to determine the third HoH in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye edition.

All the 22 housemates took turns in throwing the dice and participated in the game at the kick-off

Maria eventually won the game but she won’t be sleeping in the HOH lounge as she was barred by Biggie as punishment for inviting Liquorose and Peace to the lounge.

With this development, Maria heads the House into the fourth week’s task and activities.

Biggie gave unrestricted visits from housemates to the Head of House lounge but no sleeping over.

As usual, the Head of House (HoH) title comes with some extra privileges.

Maria gets to sit on the throne-like HoH chair, gets information directly from Big Brother, and reads out the day’s task to the other housemates.

This privilege was one of the reasons the HoH challenge is usually hotly contested for.

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By Kehinde Olusanya/ THE NATION

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Niyi has alleged Angel and Beatrice tried to make moves at him.

In the Friday, August 6 diary session, Niyi narrated to Big Brother how Angel made advances at him ‘like five times’ during the shower even when she’s not there to have a bath but he refused to do anything with her.

Niyi told Big Brother that Beatrice also made advances at him saying even if he’s married, his wife will understand.

However, he declined, refusing to do anything with her.

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